Welcome to Hope School

Hope School has grades K-12 and is located in the small community of Hope, Alaska.  Hope prides itself on meeting the individual needs of each student and encouraging them to strive towards excellence.  Our teachers, Teddy and Sasha Chandler, engage the students in many activities and assignments that foster creativity and academic achievement.  They is joined by an excellent staff that work hard everyday to support each child.  We have a strong parent and community presence in the building. Our PTO is active in planning and providing funds to support students, materials, and activities for the school. Hope welcomes all visitors!  Our principal is Doug Hayman and he is available if you have questions concerning the school and our programs.  Please check in at the office prior to going into the classroom.  HOPE to see you soon!

Hope Elementary/High School

P.O. Box 47

Hope, AK 99605